Keep away from H2o Injury to Your Camcorder Whilst Kayak Fishing

Published: 24th October 2011
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Kayak fishing will develop some dramatic and exhilarating big fish moments on the h2o. Prior to prolonged you will be tempted to pack your costly digital camera and video clip camera on your following kayak fishing outing. Even with almost everything securely tethered to the boat, just a number of seconds underwater can end result in costly camera repairs or worse, fully destroy your high priced gear. Consider a appear at how to safeguard your tools though kayak fishing. There are a amount of alternatives readily available to protect your photographic products although in a kayak.

Splash Protection - Based on the dimension of your unit, an normal gallon size zip-lock bag does a extremely good work of retaining splashing waves and salt spray from generating make contact with with your camera. SealLine tends to make a amount of waterproof bags which are created to hold rain and moisture out of outfits, wallets, and cameras. This is a cost-effective selection for guarding your camera gear even though on the deck or in a hatch of a kayak.

Waterproof Circumstances - In the plastic bag department, I very own a bag manufactured by DiCAPac, WP-D20. Although the top quality is extremely great, in my impression it is a bit expensive at $85-$90. It is intended to place your video clip Camera inside a plastic bag with a locking waterproof seal arrangement.

Although this technique is entirely waterproof up to 10M (33 feet), I discovered it awkward to run the video clip camera inside a bag. And you can not flip out the video clip camera viewing display screen to monitor what you are shooting. But your video clip camera will stay dry even when snorkeling or SCUBA diving.

Waterproof Cameras And Video clip Cameras - Nowadays a wonderful collection of digital cameras and video cameras are now on the industry. Numerous are waterproof to a depth ten-30 ft down below the surface. This tends to make a very superior alternative for kayak anglers, due to the fact you can overlook the plastic bag technique and just tether the camera to oneself and maintain it in your pocket for speedy use when needed. Olympus, Pentax, Fuji market waterproof digital cameras with video capabilities. Sanyo VPC-WH1 High definition Waterproof Flash Memory Camcorder which is equally High definition and waterproof.

This ultimate option is the most high-priced. This choice involves distinctive Plexiglas situations in which you place your camera inside of and near drinking water tight seals to hold the drinking water out. Nonetheless, this unique tools is costly ($500-1,500+) and is normally out of attain for kayak anglers hunting for low-cost remedies. Consequently, it is outside of the supposed message of this report.

There are quite a few possibilities and numerous alternate options to offer addition h2o protection for your pricey camera gear when kayak fishing.

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